Emotional Intelligence is THE cornerstone to your success in the workplace

Behaving "Badly" costs YOU money in:


    Loyalty / Motivation


    Employee Healthcare costs


    Error Rates and Down Time

    Productivity and Innovation




Workplace studies validate this !

  • In studies that were held for over 500 companies on leadership behavior, it was determined that:

  • EQ is twice as important as IQ and technical expertise combined.

  • 80% of the competencies that distinguished outstanding from average leaders were linked to EQ.

  • Leaders must excel in Emotional Intelligence to lead today's business environment.

  • Close to 90% of success in leadership is attributable to EQ

  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the single most influential determinant in creating outstanding leaders and performers

  • EQ surpasses intellectual capacity (IQ), education, or technical knowledge and expertise as the reason leaders excel.

Changing workplace behavior can only happen when you change the perceptions that drive it.
Most employees want to improve their “outlook” but just don’t know how…
How can you help your employees change their choices?

     By giving them the tools to change their perceptions!