Organizational Solutions

Our specialty is people and what makes them productive.

Our mission is to work with you to design a cost effective, innovative and courageous approach to changing your culture, which means transforming your employees.

We do this by starting at the top and working our way through the organization, partnering with you on the big and "little" decisions. We listen, observe, design and implement the plan that is yours alone to execute. We do not believe in cookie cutter answers, because your employees are not cut from one "mold". We believe most employees want to do a "good" if not "great" job in your company. The task for you is to find out "how" and to sustain their conviction by offering consistency and integrity.



Through our partnership with SkillsOne, we are able to offer you world-class assessments in every major area of personal and professional evaluation with the convenience of online processing.

  • Team and Organizational Development
  • Leadership
  • 360 degree assessments
  • see "Online Testing" for our full list of assessments

    Customized Training

    We will design programs for you, whether it is for one day or one year. We offer affordability and a personalized approach that is specific to an industry or discipline. Meeting with decision makers, we then craft your proposal- quickly, within your requirements and usually below budget expectations for such great service.

  • Customized Training in over 30 subjects
  • Leadership Institute
  • Foundations in Excellence Modules
  • Executive Renewal
  • Team Building
  • Intuitive Intelligence as a Business Tool
  • Group Facilitation
  • Mentoring programs
  • Employee Performance





    We never abandon the idea that each employee has unlimited potential. We arrive to work with one or five hundred with that core belief intact. It is what makes us successful. We provide the support for short term coaching and long term transitions using world-class assessments that provide a 91% validity/reliability. We offer targeted performance coaching as well as "specialized" coaching. Trained to identify patterns in individual behavior, we then work with leaders to identify larger organizational trends which are sabotaging performance.

    Individual Support for Change

    By Phone - In Person
    One to one coaching is the fastest and most effective way to break through personal barriers of any kind. What is holding you back from your joy, peace or satisfaction?

    The answers are available - they are closer than you can imagine.

    Public Speaking/Keynote

    We specialize in any topic related to performance improvement and people issues in the workplace. Offering conference support, we are expert facilitators at every level of execution.
    We will help you with:

  • Conference and Exhibition
  • Staff retreats
  • Executive retreats and planning sessions
  • Annual meetings
  • Intensive Team Building
  • Intuitive Leadership Intensive Weekend sessions
  • Executive Renewal sessions for small group work; focused on targeted concerns

  • Key Note Topics in over 20 areas of interest.