Intuitive Leadership Model (ILM) ©

The Intuitive Leadership Model (ILM) © allows you to tap into both unseen, but very important parts of your awareness. Scientists now tell us that 'the amount of information that comes pouring in from the five senses is staggering- somewhere on the order of 400 billion bits per second.' Researchers also add that only about 2,000 of those information bits reach our conscious awareness. In other words, there is a lot more information "out there" that is available to help us navigate successfully through life, if we ONLY choose to use it.

Intuitive intelligence is often called "gut instinct". Those people, who excel in using their "gut instinct", are naturally open to accessing and trusting the "unseen", non-linear streams of information that can be tapped in any situation, at any time. The most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries have mastered their ability to "trust" their instinct, while looking at the facts.

It's as simple as that.

Approximately 98% of the current workplace ignores this ability.

And because they do, they limit their creativity, innovation, speed and productivity with their teams. To break the barrier, we work with decision makers to take the next step towards 360' leadership by leading them through our mentoring programs.

If you check more than 4 of the below behaviors, it is time to commit to a new way of leading.
It is time to use intuitive intelligence:

  • You feel that you have to do it all yourself
  • You are confused
  • You have run out of motivation
  • You don't like yourself
  • Life is full of snags and "bad timing"
  • You are trying too hard
  • Your mind is fuzzy
  • Things aren't fun anymore
  • You are chronically late
  • People seem to be cheating you
  • People interpret you the wrong way
  • You are sure the answer lies in doing more, better or differently