MBTI® Interpretive report - Form M

This profile presents your results on the MBTI® assessment and reports which of sixteen different personality types best describes you, based on the responses you gave when taking the assessment.
See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp261144.pdf

  • Presents MBTI® results in two personalized pages
  • Lists characteristics associated with client's type
  • Clearly explains MBTI® preferences
  • Graphs preference clarity indexes so clients see how clearly their responses indicate their MBTI® type
  • MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations - Form M

    See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp261146.pdf

  • Helps in leadership development and team building
  • Describes in depth how client's MBTI® type may be expressed in the organization
  • Relates client's MBTI® preferences to likes and dislikes in work settings
  • Explains client's communication and problem-solving styles
  • Provides personalized suggestions for development
  • MBTI® Team Report - Form M

    See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp261248.pdf

  • Helps develop cooperative and productive teams
  • Describes the MBTI® team type, including team strengths and weaknesses
  • Contains personalized type information for each team member so individuals see how they fit on the team
  • Compares team's problem-solving style and preferred use of time with that of the individual team member
  • Includes personalized action plans to improve effectiveness of team and of individual team members
  • MBTI® Career Report - Form M

    See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp262153.pdf

  • Helps client find promising occupations to explore
  • Explains how an individual's MBTI® preferences affect what he or she likes in a career
  • Lists the most and least popular occupations for client's type
  • Can be generated using either scored item responses or a client's verified four-letter MBTI® type
  • MBTI® Interpretive Report - Form Q

    See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp267149.pdf

  • Graphs and explains client's results on 20 facets
  • Offers personalized tips for enhancing communication and managing change and conflict
  • Presents and integrates Step I and Step II results
  • Provides the option of generating results using client's best-fit verified type or item responses
  • Includes an interpreter's summary with graph showing average range of scores for client's type
  • MBTI® Expanded Interpretive Report - Form K

    This MBTI® Step II™ Expanded Interpretive Report (EIR) provides an in-depth, personalized account of personality preferences. It takes the Step II™ Expanded Profile one step further by providing a detailed interpretation of the 20 subscales.

    The report includes information about the components of your preferences, understanding your type, and type development. In addition, application information and tips help clients enhance important skills such as communication, problem solving, decision making, change management, and conflict management.
    See a sample at https://www.cpp.com/pdfs/smp268143.pdf